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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Well would you believe it . . ?

Yesterday I posted a piece about the idiocy of having the most important single Tube line in Central London shut down for what is undoubtedly the busiest weekend – not only of this year, but probably of the last ten years.

This morning, trying to get to Mass – remember that I’m not allowed to drive at present, so rely on public transport – I discovered that there are vast cancellations, postponements, and bus replacements not only on my local railway services into London, but also (so I’m told) on others as well . . . really brilliant planning for the weekend of a State Visit when they must, surely, have foreseen that there would be a lot of people wanting to get into London to take part in things.

Don’t ask me who to blame – it’s clearly not the staff one sees at the Stations, who are doing a very good job of trying to help people resolve their problems with the least possible fuss and inconvenience – but I have to say that the Government’s planning team have to accept some of the responsibility, for not warning the railway companies in quite definite tones right at the very beginning that this was definitely not the weekend to have cancellations.

They didn’t do that ? Not : thought not . . . which suggests that they’re either not very interested, or aren’t very competent.

You decide which.

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