LIBERA ME, Domine, Iesu Christe, ab omnibus iniquitatis meis et universis malis,
fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

That’s life . . .

The Holy Father arrives in the UK, so obviously I want to have as much time as possible in which to pay attention to just what is happening, and to give the benefit of prayer and devotion to the Holy Father’s activities whilst he is in the UK.

As a result of my illness – or rather of the continuing uncertainty as to exactly what is wrong with me (if indeed anything) – and the practical demands created by attendance at the various events, I have had to conclude that I simply cannot afford to take the risk of going to any of the actual events : but I had come to the conclusion that I would be able to view things on TV (not, admittedly, on my own, TV, simply because I don’t have one; but that was not beyond curing, as most of my friends (a) have one, and (b) were happy to allow me to watch things); and that this was still a good and positive way of supporting him in his visit.

Unfortunately, as is so often the way, as soon as I want time to attend to such things, I find myself surrounded by people who are being abused, or treated unjustly by those who ought to know better : but whose problems cannot be ignored for a few days, because the pressures are so immediate – indeed one of my Clients is facing deportation from the UK over the weekend – on entirely unjustified grounds, admittedly; but in order to prevent anything happening, drastic action needs to be taken to protect the Client . . . so suddenly I have no free time at all, and as far as I can see I have little or no chance of resolving this matter in any way whatever.

So, I shall pray for the Holy Father and his activities and ministry in England, and just hope that things may work out that I may get a chance to witness at least some little bits of what is happening . . . but I suspect that the reality is that all I shall be able to do is to support everyone else – and particularly the Holy Father – with my prayers, and hope to watch some recorded material in due course.

I pray that everyone who is able to attend, or even to view, gains much spiritual benefit, and is instrumental in promoting the Holy Father’s importance to the Church and the world . . . and I shall pray, quietly as I get on with looking after the interests of those with problems, and hope that my prayers may be of some slight use, and that you may all benefit greatly from your attendance at, or attention to, the Papal events.

May God bless you all.

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