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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Is this right ?

Reading the Catholic Voices blog, there was an article yesterday about the BBC’s poll on Catholic opinions, which includes some slight discussion on the statistic that 62% of those polled – with identical scores for men and women - ‘say women should have more authority and status in the Catholic Church’.

Fair enough; that’s a poll result, and most of the comment is sensible and accurate . . . but it then concludes with what one must assume is the opinion of the author, that there ‘could be, should be, many more Vatican departments run by women’.

Why, precisely ? How can one justify that ? Vatican dicasteries are fundamental elements of the Church and whilst I amquite prepared to agree that they can quite properly involve women wherever appropriate, they should – must, indeed – ultimately be under the authority of members of the Hierarchy : and as they must be priests they cannot, by definition, be female.

Sorry : but it’s odd interjections like this which make me wonder about ‘Catholic Voices’ . . . whether there is, perhaps, a slight whisper, even in that comment, of ‘modern thinking’, and the need to bow to public opinion . . . which is what so many Catholics aer fighting against.

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  1. John Smeaton and I and other bloggers have similar concerns about Catholic Voices, in particular Austen Ivereigh and Jack Valero.