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fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Tina is at it again . . .

‘Fr Mildew’ had a post on Saturday about an article in last week’s issue of The Bitter Pill by Professor Tina Beattie.

As I won’t so much as touch a copy of the rag in question, let alone buy it (or subscribe to it online) I have not read it myself, but I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the good Father’s reportage.

Professor Beattie apparently says that the Holy Father’s teaching in Caritas in Veritate ‘takes little account of life today’; and that ‘we stand in need of a realistic theology of marriage sexuality and parenthood’. (She also, apparently, goes on to suggest that the Church needs to recognize that ‘reliable contraception’ is a fundamental element in ‘sexual self-giving and responsible parenthood’, and that the Church needs to try to ‘accommodate homosexual love within the Churchs vision of human sexuality’.)

It seems to me, with all due respect, that if this reporting is correct (and in light of her previous remarks it seems highly likely that it is), then it is Professor Beattie who needs a realistic theology. She seems to believe that it is the duty of the Chuch to adjust itself to the opinions of the age; and to accept that so-called ‘scientific’ teaching arising from the thinking of man trumps the revealed truth of God.

Now; Professor Beattie, and all those who agree with her, may very well be fully in accord with modern thinking. More. They may very well be popular with a large number of people. However – and I say this with no hesitation – I am very much less convinced that they are popular with God.

The revealed truth of God, as taught by the Catholic Church, is not susceptible to modification simply in order to retain its popularity. It may be susceptible to development in light of a developing world; and it may well be that it will, from time to time, require a rethinking of how it is presented and explained to mankind as the world moves on : but it cannot change . . . because if it could, it would not be the will of God.

Can we please see the presentation of this truth as a fundamental of modern Catechesis ? - because it seems to me that the reason for much of the muddle and stress in the Church today is that people seem to believe that the doctrines of the Faith are ‘up for grabs’ according to whether they are popular – or convenient – or not.

That is not the case; and the sooner people recognize it, and accept it, the better : and if they are reluctant to do so, then they may perhaps want to consider finding another spiritual home, somewhere where they are welcome to believe what they like.


  1. Good post and indicative of some current thinking. Recently saw a sign outside a church: No Rules, No Regulations, Just come to Jesus.
    This would seem to indicate that the 10 commandments above all are merely the 10 suggestions.
    Why is it that we can have standards for every day items such as weights and measures, but we dont need standards for faith?
    Strange times we live in.

  2. All true.

    Catholicism does not rest with these people, but with the old ladies who go to Mass every day and for all I know probably have done all their lives.

    A friend of mine was lamenting how hard life is for people when they stray from the Church and how much damage is done to them. That's why it's so sad that the Tina's of this world get an airing when we should be copying the old ladies (well I should be anyway!).