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fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Caution : Devil at Work

Mulier Fortis had a good post yesterday about the Good Counsel Network, and their urgent need for funds at the moment.

Sadly, she's had a comment on it about an unfortunate episode where someone who made them a generous donation found herself, apparently, the victim of a singular lack of gratitude and concern . . . something which, from all I've ever heard, is utterly not typical of Good Counsel.

Why do I mention it ?

Well, because I have an innate belief that things like this - and a few happen in my own organization, from time to time - are probably the direct work of the devil. Where he sees something good being done, and likely to direct a sensitive soul closer to God, he intervenes in a lot of little ways which combine to result in a fairly major upset . . . which destroys trust, or causes enmity, or in some other way furthers his cause, and damages God's work.

There's not necessarily a lot we can do about it, if only because it's usually true to say, at least in my experience, that no-one is actually culpable about things like this : all we can do is pray, and try to ensure that he doesn't have the opportunities to slip in so that he can work his wicked little schemes like that.

Nothing, of course, is likely to make Mac's correspondent feel any better about her experience : but perhaps we should all pray that she does, at least, feel no animosity towards Good Counsel; that they are spared any further Satanic attentions; and that by our prayers, and with the assistance of St Michael and our Blessed Lady, we may interfere constantly with his wicked devices.

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