LIBERA ME, Domine, Iesu Christe, ab omnibus iniquitatis meis et universis malis,
fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Request for Prayers

In the grand scheme of things I appreciate that it isn't the most burningly urgent reason to ask for prayers; the splendid Mac, of Mulier Fortis, has done some damage to her knee which had her in hospital for several hours yesterday, the first day of her summer holidays, and is now home - although apparently with no permanent damage done - in pain, and walking with crutches : read all about it (and adore the cat pic) here.

Not the best way to start your holidays, of course, but on the other hand not death, or terminal illness, or anything like that . . . but I still ask you for your prayers : because Mac is a much-loved blogger who has had quite enough trials and tribulations of late, and has accepted them bravely (and largely silently), and deserves the care and support of her friends and those who admire her contribution to preserving and promoting the Catholic Faith.

Mac, I have little doubt, will continue to offer it all up for some poor soul in Purgatory. I ask you, please, to join me in supporting her suffering, and her generosity, with your affection and prayers.

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  1. Dominic Mary, I definitely don't deserve such praise, but thank you for the kind wishes and prayers. I shall pray for you also.