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Monday, 5 July 2010

It's over to you . . .

The London Elephant Parade is now over, and the elephants now have new owners, so we shan’t be seeing them again; although we may hope that they have achieved their various aims during the time they have been brightening up the streets of the Capital.

However : I actually ended up doing quite a lot of ‘elephant hunting’, including a last-ditch attempt to see what I could see at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, where all the outdoor elephants had their great gathering over the last weekend in June . . . and the result is that I still have a lot of elephant photos in stock.

I’m not proposing to continue on a daily basis until I’ve used them all up, but would you like me to post the occasional elephant just to brighten dull days, or otherwise liven things up . . ?

You tell me.


  1. Oh, yes please. I was just going to comment on your previous post how sad I was if this was to be the end of the elephants. I've really enjoyed seeing them. They certainly brightened up my days.

    In fact, I was just thinking that we have quite a lot of somewhat smaller elephants dotted around our home and I might go around taking photos of them and post on my own blog.

  2. I want to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of those elephants!