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Thursday, 1 April 2010

A 'Campaign of Demoralization'

What is going on in the world ? What is behind the current media obsession with paedophilia in the Church, and the attempts to link the Holy Father to it ? Is it really just coincidence, or is there some sinister campaign at work ?

Well, Pravda - hardly the friendliest newspaper in the world towards the Church and the Holy Father - printed an interesting article on Tuesday, entitled (in their English translation) 'To confuse the wood with the trees . . .'

Although one would hardly agree with all of it, there is one particularly interesting observation :

'Another detail that suggests that a campaign of demoralization of the Catholic Church is in motion . . .'

My feeling is that if even Pravda think that, then there may be something in it. Read the article, and see what you think.

A visitor has posted an informative Comment which is well worth reading. Amongst other things, it points out that this isn't the old Communist Pravda, but a 'successor' which is perhaps rather less reliable . . . Nevertheless, I think the story remains interesting.


  1. As a Russianist I think it might be worth pointing out that the Pravda you link to (and which used to be cited frequently by the UK Daily Telegraph) isn't the original, (dull as dishwater) communist one: but rather a more sensationalist publication with the same name (and that only exists online) that was founded by former staff of the communist publication in the late 1990s.

    Not quite sure how I would generally characterise this publication, other than, generally, "not worthy of being taken seriously", like a cross between the British Daily Sport and the American National Inquirer...sensationalist, prone to printing conspiracy theories, of limited journalistic integrity - but it definitely isn't communist

    The "original" communist Pravda, which is still fairly ideologically "robust", continues, and is still dull-as-dishwater, but, at least, unsensationalist...see A quick search of their archives for "ПАПА РИМСКИЙ" (i.e. the Pope) doesn't appear to reveal any coverage of (or contribution towards) the scandals whatsoevr

    None the less...I think that, at least in English speaking countries, it is increasingly evident to many that the excessive, unfocused attacks on the Church and especially Pope Benedict from many, many, organs of the media, have more to do with expressing blind (and opportunistic) hatred than they do with fact or reasoned opinion (or good journalistic practice). The militant atheists seem to be shooting themselves in the foot by trying to hard, so unfocused and unrelated to truth is their rage.

  2. Many Thanks for that information, of which I have to say that I was unaware.

    However, I'd have thought that if any paper - even one 'not worthy of being taken seriously' - sees this phenomenon as worth comment, then it must suggest that there is something going on.