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fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

So Sadly Missed, Sylvester !

I’m not even going to begin to list the bloggers and facebook friends who have sympathised with Mac – the inimitable Mulier Fortis – about the death on Tuesday afternoon of her beloved cat Sylvester : if only because I’m sure someone else already has done . . .

I’ve already sent my own condolences and sympathies directly to Mac – and encourage any friends of hers who have not yet done so to do so – so that’s not really what this post is about . . . and funnily enough, it’s not even really about Sylvester : handsome, personable, stylish, delightful, and loving as he undoubtedly was.

It’s actually about Mac, and all the other Catholic blogs, and bloggers, and facebook people . . . because Sylvester’s death has not only shown how much Mac is loved, but has also made it abundantly clear that we Catholic bloggers obviously are a real community, even if we don’t really realize it . . .

So ‘thank you’, Sylvester, not only for all the affection and delight which you gave Mac (and, at a greater distance, so many of us), but for the lesson which you’ve taught us all . . . that God’s family on the Internet really does have loving, caring, humanity in common, and not just a bunch of ‘virtual’ characteristics.

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  1. I really have been touched by all the messages of support, and the promise of prayers for me after losing Sylvester. Yes, the Catholic blogosphere is definitely a community!