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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

For Goodness’ Sake !

Restricted numbers at the Holy Father’s masses in the UK ?

Don’t be ridiculous !

If this nonsense comes from the Government, then the Hierarchy should say – politely, but very firmly – ‘In that case we shall advise His Holiness not to come, and make public our reasons for that recommendation.’

If it comes from the Hierarchy, then they should consider their position VERY carefully : because it’s an indefensible decision.*

The Catholics of Britain want to see their pope. You don’t get told that it’s ‘ticket only’ for the Mall on great occasions, or for the Lord Mayor’s Show, or any one of a thousand other major events every year – and why ? Because it isn’t needed . . . so the only result of this nonsense is to give the most amazing ammunition to those who want the world to believe that the Church is dying – and who were so soundly proved wrong at Easter !

By restricting the numbers, it will be made to appear that the Faithful of these lands aren’t interested in the Holy Father’s visit . . . which is simply not true : and if the Bishops won’t do something about this nonsense NOW, then they will simply be disobeyed . . . by me, if by nobody else.

I shall investigate to see what may be arranged to ensure that people CAN attend the Holy Father’s Masses : and I will update you with what I find out – so watch this space.

(* I suppose I must qualify that : it may be defensible on the basis of the arrangements as announced; but if that is the case, it shows it wasn’t thought through properly at the start, on the basis of needing to ensure that unrestricted access was going to be necessary for at least one event !)

H/T to Auntie Joanna, Bara Brith, Mac, Damien T, and no doubt many others !

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  1. I first saw a reference to numbers being severely restricted back at the beginning of the month in the "Cathedral Record" of Liverpool and was beginning to think I'd been mistaken. There is no mistaking the front page of the Catholic Herald though! As one who was present at Pope John Paul II's mass at Coventry Airport in 1982 I can't see the problem. And having been among the first 100 to sign the now 30,000 strong petition in favour of the holy father's visit I am more than a little dismayed. Keep up the good work!