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Friday, 21 May 2010

‘Embarrassed of England’

So, the Mascots for the 2012 London Olympics – named Wenlock and Mandeville – have been ‘launched’ : and all I can really say (remember, this is a family blog) is that I, as an Englishman, am horribly embarrassed by the complete lack of connexion with reality, good taste, and England (or even Great Britain) which they embody.

I understand that the reaction of the marketing professionals is scarcely more favourable than mine (22% called the mascots ‘dreadful’); whilst the designers apparently believe that they will ‘inspire floods of merchandise sales’.

I think there’s a song in South Pacific about that (‘They call me a cock-eyed optimist . . .’); and as for the Mascots, all I can say is that I just wish they had been ‘launched’ yesterday – straight into deep space (where they appear to belong), never to return !


  1. Yes, a "trip to the moon, Alice" would be the no-return ticket! All I can say was a great quantity of whacky weed must have been consumed during their "creation." Or would that be whelping?

    IMO "22 percent" is awfully low for "dreadful" unless the other 78% voted "abominable."

    Seriously, the real question is what percentage thought they'd be "wonderful." I have a bridge in San Francisco I'd like to sell, and I'm looking for the "sucker brigade" as the obvious target for a marketing campaign.

  2. And I thought the Olympic Logo was bad enough!

  3. ‘inspire floods of merchandise sales’

    Ah so its not about the sporting evnets at all is it