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fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Roses for Mother

Today is known, at least in England, as ‘Mothering Sunday’, or ‘Mother’s Day’; and it is traditionally the day when one gives flowers or gifts to one’s Mother, and very likely takes her out to lunch, or otherwise treats her . . . and very right all that is.

However : I’d like to make a double point about ‘Mother’s Day’.

First, let us not forget to give our Mothers something spiritual, as well as merely temporal things : let us hear an extra Mass today for her Intentions – or, if she has already gone home to God, let us perhaps try and have a Mass said for her one day this week, if not actually today. In any event, let us give her, as well as that bouquet of roses, a Spiritual Bouquet which will last, and give her pleasure, long after even the longest-lived flowers have lost their petals, and turned into dried-up, shrivelled, things.

And that brings me to the other side : for how many of us will remember to give something today to our heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary ? I know that she has many feasts throughout the year, and that we pray to her (I sincerely hope) daily : but does that mean that today, on ‘Mother’s Day’, she does not deserve to be remembered at least as much as our earthly Mothers ? Of course it doesn’t – and we should give her joy by our prayers today, particularly, in recognition of her motherhood not only of us individually, but also of the whole Church.

And what gift is the best possible thing we can give her ? Well, her Rosary, of course . . . that wonderful garland of 50 perfect roses . . . and best of all, let each of us offer a Rosary today for our earthly Mother, asking our Blessed Lady to bless her on earth, and after her death to take her speedily to heaven where we can have little doubt that – as two mothers always will – they will rejoice in telling each other fond tales of their beloved sons !

May Almighty God bless all Mothers today; and may Our Lady of Walsingham pray for yours – and mine – in particular.


  1. I agree whole heartedly. A Mass offered for our dear mothers is the best gift we could give them. And to pray the rosary for them is another wonderful gift to our earthly mothers as well as to our heavenly mother. Did you know that this fourth Sunday of Lent is also known as Rose Sunday, from the colour of the vestments worn? That kind of ties in with your title for this post, "Roses for Mother". Another tie in - "Mystical Rose" is one of Our Blessed Lady's titles. Isn't that just a beautiful title? Thank you for an excellent post.

  2. puzzled;
    how kind of you. I thought I'd ignore the 'Rose Sunday' bit, as several of the more 'liurgical' blogs go on rather about pink vestments . . . but it's nice to see them twice a year, anyway . . . and a few odds and ends about Mother's titles are planned for May : so 'watch this space' !