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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Public Opinion . . ?

Over the last few days - for much of which, of course, I have been rather out of circulation - things have been getting exciting in Brighton : a fact which I discovered from His Hermeneuticalness. He carries a post called 'Fr Ray in't papers', which discusses local (Brighton) media treatment of Fr Ray Blake, whose blog has - shall we say - been 'in the news' recently, with attacks in the local press.

Fr Tim tells you all about it, so I needn't repeat it here : but I felt I ought to share a true (and mildly amusing) story with you which is not irrelevant to this affair.

An Anglican priest friend of mine was once called to a major disturbance in his parish which was rapidly assuming the proportions of a full-blown riot.

What was it about ? Well, apparently the locals had found out about a child abuser living in the parish, and decided to take vigilante-style action to persuade this evil person to leave . . . NOW; with a view to achieving which end, they were proposing to burn down the house.

Fortunately my friend was able to get the police to attend and take control before the crowd burnt down the home of a perfectly respectable lady paediatrician !

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