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Thursday, 10 June 2010

High Security

For those who don’t know - which is (at present) presumably most people - this is Coventry Airport.

We’re told that the primary reason why they are restricting numbers at the Beatification Mass, and saying that those attending can only arrive in ‘official coaches’, and why they have to give so much personal information, is security.

After looking at this photo, are you convinced that security is really a core concern ? Alright, I accept that the gates to the site - of which are there are quite a number - could be ‘policed’ by security men; but as the airport has a perimeter of several miles, it’s clearly not going to be realistic to secure all of it - in which case the ‘security’ is only as secure as its weakest point . . . which is pretty weak.

So : is this concern for ‘security’ real . . . or is it just window-dressing for something else : a need to restrict numbers, for instance, to prevent excessive demand on inadequate resources demonstrating all-too-clearly that the whole thing has not been properly managed ?

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  1. I don't think a cub scout group would find it much of a challenge.