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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Celebrating after, not before ?

I have thoughts about Advent which are to do, more than almost anything else, with the fact that there seems to be an almost frightening willingness nowadays for even reliably solid Christian communities to start talking and worshipping the Nativity far too early, and thus largely ignoring all the important things which Advent was originally intended – as, for instance, considered in the Second Reading yesterday – to consider.

So it seems to me that ther is very persuasive reason to make a positive decision not to start celebrating Christmas until it actually gets here : and if that means continuing its celebration well after most people have given up and forgotten about it, well perhaps that will, eventually, get peoples’ minds to accept that there is some rational logic in celebrating anything after, rather than before, it happened.

Am I being sensible about this ? What do you think ?


  1. Excellent suggestions; although I have started to hum certain Christmas songs (Gaudete for one) I see little point in actually getting excited about Christmas itself until the last week in advent

  2. A succinct reply: I quite agree.

  3. Totally right, DM.

    I am tempted to celebrate all the way up to Candlemas, but that might be pushing my luck!