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fac me tuis semper inhærere mandatis et a te numquam separari permittas. Amen.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A prayer, perhaps . . ?

I suspect that he was quite happy to die on 11 November : but I also suspect that the date is probably a good reason why a large percentage even of those who like his writings can’t remember the exact date of his death . . . because they’re the sort of people who think of other things today; in my case, even as being more important than S. Martin, even, whose Memorial falls today.

Of whom do I speak ? APH . . . or A. P. Herbert, if you prefer.

But no, I’m not putting up any of his poems, puns, or songs; not making any of his funnies . . . but instead reminding you that he, like many another of his generation, felt it right and necessary to turn his mind, at least this once a year, to those who had died in war . . . forces or civilians, allies or foes, they have all gone before God as a result of war; and will be judged by God on that basis.

And APH ? Well, I like to hope that God showed him the amused tolerance that he was so good at applying to so much and so many, and that he is now gently bewildered and delighted by the gifts of God’s heaven . . . if only because I never met him, and have always hoped to have the chance.

Do, if you possibly can, find a little moment to offer God a prayer for him, as well as for the millions of Holy Dead whom we more obviously remember on 11 November.

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  1. I met him at a dinner in 1962 - probably the wittiest man ever.

    Eternal rest give unto him.